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iTop extension: Multiple Timezones Support


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Allow users to see or edit dates & times in their own timezone instead of the server’s default one. Perfect for:

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User setup

Easy on the users with a simple wizard to set up their timezone, they can either choose to let the app find their timezone and adjust it when they travel…

… or they can choose a specific timezone and stick to it (useful when working with a remote team) …

… and, that’s all! Timezone can be changed at any time in the user preferences.

How it looks

Any dates & times attributes in the UI will automatically be converted, a small icon indicates that it is now displayed in the user’s timezone. (see limitations). Works in both the backoffice and the end-users portal.

Backoffice lists

Backoffice object details

Portal lists


IMPORTANT: Before buying it, make sure you have read the following limitations.

For the moment some parts of the application are NOT compatible with the timezones:

Installation & configuration


Stable releases can only be found on Molkobain I/O.

Third parties

This extension embeds some third-party resources: