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Molkobain I/O documentation

Documentation for all iTop extensions made by Molkobain I/O

Graphical tab overview

The extension brings a new “Graphical view” tab on “host” elements (racks and enclosures). Here is an overview of what is available from this screen:

1. Panels

Both front and rear panels are displayed to give a complete view of the host element (Note: In the free version, only front panel is available).

2. Unmounted elements

On the right part of the view are displayed unmounted elements, these elements are already linked to the host in iTop but are either:

All unmounted elements can be easily postioned in the host through drag and drop.

3. Legend

Legend summarize what type of elements are present in the host, but it also allows you to quickly see where a specific type of elements are positioned, to do so simply hover on a label.

Example when hovering on “Server” in the legend, corresponding elements are highlighted

4. Filter

Filter allows you to quickly highlight specific elements from their names, serial or asset numbers.

Example when typing “pdu” in the filter, only matching elements are highlighted

5. Obsolete elements

By default, the view displays (or not) obsolete elements based the user’s preference. This can be overriden by toggling the “Show obsolete elements” option, the choice will be saved for that element only, meaning that you can choose to show obsolete elements on some hosts, but not on others.

Obsolete elements visible

Obsolete elements hidden

6. Grid lines

This option applies only to enclosures with a complex layout, see dedicated page.
When enabled, vertical lines of the grid will be displayed to ease positioning of elements.