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Molkobain I/O documentation

Documentation for all iTop extensions made by Molkobain I/O

Drag & Drop

The most comfortable way is to position elements in their racks / enclosures is to place them at the right place using your mouse. To do so, just follow those 3 simple steps:

Frequent questions

Why does the element reverts to its origin when I drop it?

This can happen for several reasons:

Why can’t I drag elements from the “Zero U devices” panel?

Zero U devices are not meant to be positioned on a specific U of the host as they do not fit the form factor. They are displayed here to help visualize what is in the host but cannot be dragged.

Typical zero U devices are USB drives, vertical PDUs, …

Why are some of elements displayed in the “unmounted panels”?

Any element displayed in these panels is linked to the currently displayed host (rack or enclosure) but is not positioned for one of the following reasons: